Competitions are true testers of our skills. To gain self confidence, learning from our losses, to get over the fear is very much required for the child’s growth. Keeping this in mind, RPES JnanaSaraswati Public School has conducted the following competition.

Poster making Competition

Poster making is an exciting opportunities for the students to depict the ideas and to be creative. It provides students to learn by doing. It strengthens the learning. This competition was organized on 07.06.2019 on account of environment day for class VI to X.

Drawing and painting

Art has a lot of positive effects on a Childs character and personality to build confidence and to enhance patience and make the child focus. Drawing and painting competition was held for grade I to V on 10.6.2019.

Handwriting goes beyond elementary school

Writing is a part of our lives. This skill leads to stronger academic performance. It boosts memory helps kinds focus, corresponding becomes more meaningful. Hand writing competition was held in school on 07.08.2019 from Grade I to X.

Collage making

Learning skill such as gluing, sticking, taping, stapling, cutting, tearing can be learnt from collage making. Children do experiment with different resources, socialize with others as they share materials and tool which enhances the creativity. Collage making competition was held on 21.08.2019 for Grade VI to X students on Independence day celebration.

Fancy dress

Dressing up engages the child brain and memory & It also enhances the vocabulary. Keeping this in mind an interschool fancy dress competition was conducted as a part of Golden Jubliee celebration. More than 100 students from the surrounding school participated in the competition which was held on 17.08.2019 for Grade- I &II.Kindergarten students also took part in the competition on the theme Patriotic personality.

Music Competition

Music ignites all areas of child development and skills for schools reading. It helps the body and mind work together. Music competition was held on 26.08.2019 for Grade V to X students and the topic for the competition was Kannada Bhava geetha.

Essay competition

An essay competition was held on 24.08.2019 for classes VII to X to improve their writing skills and learning ability which also them in critical thinking.

Origami paper folding

In a nutshell, origami is good. It develops eye hand co ordination, sequencing skills, math reasoning, memory, patience and attention competition was held for Grade I & II on 12.09.2019.

Mono acting

There is a lot of established research about positive influences from mono acting. Therefore mono acting competition was held on 8.11.209 for the grades I to V for the development of a healthy appreciation of culture and art.

Elocution Competition

Elocution helps to improve grammar, vocabulary, style of speech, self confidenceetc..So to boost up all these, Elocution competition was held from 13.11.2019 to 2.12.2019 from grades III to X according to their social studies syllabus.

GSpell bee competition

The benefits of spell bee’s extend beyond language which is required for the children.

Bhagawathgeetha recitation

Chanting Bhagawathgeetha is cleaning of mind. It is basically “Geet” sing of soul and divine life. Competition was held on 16.12.2019 for class III to IX std.


Quiz helps students to identify what they know and what they don’t know. Quiz also gives the teachers feedback. Quiz written test was held from grade III to X on 16.01.2020.