Classroom activities help to develop the critical thinking, decision making and other valuable skills of the students. So every week 2 periods are allotted for the classroom activities.

Grade- 1

Sl No.DateActivities
12.7.2019Honey beecolouring
29.7.2019Making of Birthday chart
316.7.2019Quiz Identification of letters
406.8.2019National Flag Colouring
513.08.2019Selection for fancy dress
620.08.2019Raksha Bhandan
727.08.2019Lord Krishna - Picture colouring
811.10.2019Deepavali Picture- Colouring
905.11.2019Selection for mono acting competiton
1026.11.2019Butterfly making
1107.11.2019Visit to nursery section for
exhibition viewing(Transportation)
1203.12.2019Christmas tree making
1310.12.2019Story telling activity
1416.12.2019Identification of vegetables
1507.01.2020Craft using ear buds
1614.01.2020Makara Sankranti colouring

Grade- 2

Sl No.DateActivities
112.06.2019Colouring – Plant a tree
219.06.2019Revision & Cycle test
303.07.2019Origami- Dog
410.07.2019Activity for birthday chart making
517.07.2019Chart making in scrap book- Birds
607.08.2019Preparation of Rakhi
714.08.2019Colouring – Independence day picture
821.08.2019Raksha Bhandhan celebration
928.08.2019Colouring the picture of Lord Krishna
1016.10.2019Colouring of Dasara picture
1123.10.2019Preparation and selection for
elocution competition
1230.10.2019Colouring the picture for Deepawali festival
1313.11.2019Maths Activity- Multiplication on Number line
1422.11.2019Toy day celebrated- Speech about the toy.
1511.12.2019Selection for Spell Bee Competition
1616.12.2019Vegetables day- Talk on Vegetables
1710.01.2020Makara Sankranti- colouring the Picture

Grade- 3

Sl No.DateActivities
108.07.2019Pick & Act
222.07.2019Vegetable Printing
305.08.2019Story Narration
419.08.2019Rakhi making
509.09.2019Decoration of Krishna Picture
616.09.2019Cooking without fire
711.10.2019Diya Decoration
811.11.2019Kannada Song Singing
918.11.2019Selection for story telling competition
1002.12.2019Elocution competition
1109.12.2019Selection for spell bee competition
1216.12.2019Competition –Bhagawadgeetha
1323.12.2019Santaclaus making
1406.01.2020New year card making
1513.01.2020Kite making

Grade- 4

Sl No.DateActivities
105.07.2019Collage making
226.07.2019A model of lily put
316.08.2019Flag Making
430.08.2019Drawing of Lord Krishan and reciting Bhajanas
506.09.2019Cooking without fire
613.09.2019Pick & Act
725.05.2019Mehendi designs
808.11.2019Signing Nadageetha songs
905.11.2019Diya decoration
1022.11.2019Pot decoration
1113.12.2019Santa claus cap making
1220.12.2019New year greeting card making
1303.01.2020Best out of waste
1416.01.2020Pongal celebration- Drawing

Grade- 5 & 6

Sl No.MonthActivities
1June-2019Collage Work
2July-20191. Elf-A model of lily put
2. Pencil shading activity
3August-20191. Making of a house
2.Pencil shave art
4September-2019Butterfly making
5October-2019Diwali Greeting Activity
6Novmber-2019 Poster/Article about Kalpana Chawla
7December-20191.Skit-How did the master himself found a new master
2. Christmas tree making
8January-2020 Paper Art- Origami Making

Grade- 7 & 8

Sl No.DateActivities
101.07.2019Quiz Activity
208.07.2019Talents show Activity
322.07.2019Drama Activity
429.07.2019Individual Activity
505.08.2019General Knowledge testing activity
612.08.2019Spell bee Activity
719.08.2019Freestyle water colour painting
826.08.2019Kannada Bhavageetha Competition
909.09.2019Cooking without fire activity
1016.09.2019Unit test activity
1121.10.2019Greeting card making activity
1204.11.2019Word building activity
1311.11.2019Selection for elocution competition done
1418.11.2019Selection for story telling competition
1509.12.2019Christmas gift making activity
1616.12.2019Bhagavathgeetha competition
1723.12.2019Speech Activity
1806.01.2020New year card making activity
1913.01.2020Vegetable carving
2020.01.2020Kite making activity