About School

Rajajinagar Parents Education Society was established in the year 1969. It is a registered organization situated in the heart of the city. It has rich experience of running institutions from Kindergarten to post graduation. The society was mainly established to provide quality education for economically weaker section of the society. Society endeavors to provide a genuine and holistic education in stress free environment where students are inculcated with a spirit of equality.

The society owes its origin to a group of dedicated and honest stewards who felt the need for meaningful education blending both the best of formal education and Indian culture. The society has started with a new branch of school named by RPES Jnana Saraswati Public school.

RPES Jnana Saraswati Public School basically follows a CBSE curriculum which was established in the year 2013. The school got secondary level affiliation in the year 2018.

Education is the basis and foundation of being a calm and composed person who can distinguish between right or wrong. Education empowers us to be a responsible human being. The role of education is not just limited to the teaching of reading, writing and cramming facts and figures, but it is rather too wide to teach us the manner of how to live life peacefully. With all this perception, the holistic development of the child was included in the horizon of education. Holistic development starts from physical development and includes emotional development, intellectual development, spiritual development, moral development, cognitive development and all that is associated with healthy living.

It is just not possible and correct to teach and make the students learn by cramming the books. The teachers use a wide spectrum of methods to teach the various domains of life and help the student in their holistic development. Various competitions, activities and events are conducted in school from time to time for the overall holistic development of the students. At the same time, it is not an easy task on the part of the teachers and school management to think for the creative activities and events for the effective learning of the students in a fun way. Let us discuss and find out a few competitions, activities and events that are organized at the school level to assist in the overall development of the students.